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About Us

Welcome to Guruu, the first video reaction platform that unites you to those that make your games. By sharing your opinion on Guruu whilst watching videos, you can become recognised by those that make the games you love and ultimately shape the future of gameplay.

In our day jobs we are passionate about the games industry, providing support to large and small developers and publishers, offering them advice in their campaigns and consulting them in their commercial decisions. We have long dreamed of uniting gamers and giving these publishers direct feedback from those who play their games.

We also believed that Gamers needed an easier way to be informed of the latest announcements, trailers, reviews, articles and prices whilst chatting with their gaming friends. Guruu is the only gaming platform that truly can provide this whilst rewarding gamers with the recognition they deserve. Throughout the site, your interactions will earn you awards which will help you gain a reputation with the publishers and developers of the games you interact with. There is even a chance you can gain official recognition as their ambassador!

Over the coming months we will introduce even more features so get in touch on [email protected] if you want to suggest ways in which we can enrich your gaming experiences.

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